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Mass Production Gantry Machines and Robotic Soldering Cells

Custom turn-key solutions for high-volume processes, including assembly, dispensing, screw driving, inspection, and other ancillary procedures.

Mass Production Gantry Machines

・ Equipped with a 4-axis/3-axis orthogonal robot.
・ User-friendly teaching program specially designed for soldering.
・ Supports both iron soldering and laser soldering methods.
・ Numerous options include changing shaft length, image processing, thermometer, and QR scanner.
・ Add additional axes.

Some advantages of our Soldering Cells are: consistent high-quality joints, lower operator skills needed, and up to 2x productivity.

Standard Robotic Soldering Cells

・Working area – 400mm×365mm
・Supports M-size PCB’s
・New and improved heater
・LAN (Ethernet), COM port
・X,Y axis – 900mm/sec
・Z axis – 400mm/sec
・Built-in soldering controller

High Accuracy Without Changeovers

The FLEX is a two-sided gull-wing lead forming system with automatic standoff control. Simple changeover of die members, combined with accurate, repeatable changes in tip-to-tip length, can vary all the critical dimensions of most SMT footprints on various ceramic packages.


  • Fancort’s dynamic solder pot/s with controls of heated Nitrogen.
  • Fancort preheater with thermocouple and controls.
  • Universal Robot for accurate placement into form and trim, tinning, etc.
  • Sturdy Enclosure with Light curtains, built to meet the customer requirements.
  • Docking stations for your matrix trays.
  • Optional Inspection for Bridging or dimensional compliance.
  • Lead forming to Mil-STD-883K and IPC J-STD-001E-2010/April 2010.
  • Lead tinning is per IPC J-STD for soldering J-STD-001F module #3 and J-STD-001FS #6, Space Addendum.
  • Fancort is IPC J-STD-001ES CERTIFIED for tinning Space Grade flat packs and quad packs as of 18-November-2013
  • Automatic standoff control (B) to +/− .002” when used with the Fancort floating anvil press.
  • Removable die members for varying all critical dimensions such as shoulder, foot, radii, and lead material thickness without removing the tool from the press.
  • Adjustable tip-to-tip length using hand control with precision ball screw, anti-backlash, and digital readout.
  • Centering station with manual loader for higher throughput and the most accurate hands-free operation.
  • Patent number 4,907,628

SMT Trim & Form Tooling
Fancort is the industry leader in component lead preparation services for the Semiconductor and Aerospace industries.

We have 47 years of experience in lead forming of a wide variety of packages, including large and small flat packs and quad packs, DIPs, fiberoptic headers, and devices that require conversion from through-hole to SMT.

We use our unique universal and dedicated tooling systems and complete process control to ensure accuracy and quick turnaround of your parts to JEDEC/IPC and/or mil-spec standard dimensions, with optional services such as package leak testing and tinning if required. Fancort Industries forming and tinning services located at Fairfield, NJ is listed in the System for Award Management (SAM) and has a cage code of 8KE76.

Form and trim features

  • SMT Lead Forming Brochure 2018-Compressed
  • Fancort Industries is ISO 9001:2015 Certified from January 16, 2019, until January 15, 2022. Certificate # US 15-2821R.
  • Fancort Industries is ITAR registered, code M22953, as of May 15, 2008.
  • Fancort is an approved NASA supplier of Forming Services and Tools.
  • Lead forming to Mil-STD-883K and IPC J-STD-001E-2010/Sept 2020
  • Complete process control and documentation
  • Standard footprint layouts available, or we will design your custom footprint
  • All work is done in a controlled ESD-safe environment per ANSI/ESD 20.20. Our facility meets all requirements for Class Zero applications (0-250 volts).
  • DOD/ESD MIL-STD-1686C Compliant
  • Turnaround can be as little as 3 days (typically 10 working days)
  • Inspection of incoming devices for lead skew or another deformity
  • Inspection report and Certificate of Compliance

Veri-Spec 3D

Introducing Fancort’s Veri-Spec 3D, a high-precision 3D inspection system for SMT gullwing lead-forming. The Veri-Spec 3D uses a fully featured HMI where new parts can be introduced in seconds. Options include data logging to internal and/or external databases and seamless integration into the robotic Fancort Tinning Cell and SmartFlex.

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