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Fancort Automation

Are you tired of the struggles and complications that come with the manufacturing process in the Electronics industries? Look no further! Fancort, a trusted veteran in the field, understands your pain points and is here to revolutionize your automation journey. In this new era of… Read More »Fancort Automation


Fancort proudly presents the Flex family of adjustable forming systems, setting a new standard for versatility and precision in adjustable production tools for Flat Packs and Quad Packs. Experience unrivaled flexibility and accuracy with our innovative solutions. SMARTFLEX represents the epitome of excellence in adjustable… Read More »SmartFlex

Area Laser Soldering Demo

Japan Unix area laser soldering demo + dispensing demo#fancort #japanunix #area #laser #soldering About Area laser Soldering Area laser soldering uses a broader laser beam that covers a larger area of the metal parts, allowing for more precise control over the heating and melting of… Read More »Area Laser Soldering Demo

Fancort Laser Soldering Cells

Laser HeadThe laser head condenses the laser light transmitted from the laser oscillator through the optical fiber of the appropriate size and exposes the selected area. A coaxial CCD camera is standard equipment on the laser head, and various other features to enhance the manufacturability.… Read More »Fancort Laser Soldering Cells

New Tinning Work Cell

High Accuracy Without ChangeoversThe FLEX is a two-sided gull-wing lead forming system with automatic standoff control. Simple changeover of die members, combined with accurate, repeatable changes in tip-to-tip length, can vary all the critical dimensions of most SMT footprints on various ceramic packages. Lead Forming… Read More »New Tinning Work Cell

Mass Production Gantry Machines and Robotic Soldering Cells

Custom turn-key solutions for high-volume processes, including assembly, dispensing, screw driving, inspection, and other ancillary procedures. Mass Production Gantry Machines ・ Equipped with a 4-axis/3-axis orthogonal robot.・ User-friendly teaching program specially designed for soldering.・ Supports both iron soldering and laser soldering methods.・ Numerous options include… Read More »Mass Production Gantry Machines and Robotic Soldering Cells