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Fancort Automation

Are you tired of the struggles and complications that come with the manufacturing process in the Electronics industries?

Look no further! Fancort, a trusted veteran in the field, understands your pain points and is here to revolutionize your automation journey.

In this new era of Industrial Automation, collaborative robots have emerged as game-changers. But true collaboration goes beyond just the robot itself. Fancort believes that every automation project is a joint effort between you, the customer, and our dedicated team of integrators. Together, we will overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Our primary focus is to maximize your productivity and leave you amazed, asking for more automation opportunities. With Fancort’s meticulous design and streamlined process, we guarantee to deliver a turnkey solution that optimizes your ROI and enhances your company’s overall efficiency.

At Fancort, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we encourage active involvement from your team throughout the entire automation process. Together, we will create a final product that surpasses your expectations.

To ensure a smooth journey, we break down projects into milestones, providing you with clear tracking and complete confidence in the end result. We hold mandatory meetings at critical points, allowing us to align our design and process with your specific application needs. Our comprehensive statement of work (SOW) acts as the backbone of every project, saving you time and effort. As we progress through the milestones, we continuously refine the SOW until you are completely satisfied with our proposed solution.

Don’t let automation remain a daunting task. Join forces with Fancort Automation today, and unlock the true potential of your manufacturing process. Together, we will achieve unparalleled productivity and set new industry standards.

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