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Fancort Laser Soldering Cells

Laser Head
The laser head condenses the laser light transmitted from the laser oscillator through the optical fiber of the appropriate size and exposes the selected area. A coaxial CCD camera is standard equipment on the laser head, and various other features to enhance the manufacturability.

Internal structure of the laser head
The structure of the area inside the laser head surrounding the optics is protected with an air jet. This prevents flux fumes from contaminating the optics. The CCD camera is set up in a coaxially to the optical components of the laser for a more compact construction.

Laser Controller / Oscillator
For laser soldering, controlling the laser output is extremely important. This critical output control is carried out by the controller. Also, the oscillator uses a fiber-coupling LD laser, and laser energy is transmitted to the head through an optical fiber.

The above equipment is Model No.ULD-746 (ver.30W・45W)
Model No. ULD-02 consists of a controller (control section), touch panel box, oscillating section, and driver. Our company’s laser equipment conforms to the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60825-1:2014, as well as the Japan Industrial Standards JIS C 6802:2018. The laser class is class 4. Approved for export to the United States by the FDA regulations.

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