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Micro Sandblasting for Fossils Restoration & Paleo Applications

Crystal Mark, Inc. has a proven track record of providing precise control and consistent performance for paleo applications.

Damselfly air abrasion before

Damselfly air abrasion after
Damselfly air abrasion after

The unique design of the Paleo Iron SWAM- Blaster® is based on the Model MV-2 and still offers “Maximum Versatility” with the same independently adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation, but Paleo Blaster includes something extra. It has a unique two-stage foot switch that activates air first and then supplies the abrasive with the second switch or full depression of the pedal. This effectively allows the user to switch between chip-air and abrasive etching seamlessly. No other micro-blast system comes close to delivering this kind of finite control.

Like all our SWAM®Blast line of equipment, front and back panels unlatch to access components quickly, and carbide-lined fittings throughout the abrasive/air pathway for routine maintenance.